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2024 Season • Every Saturday • 9am-1pm
May – October


We are a small fruit and vegetable farm located on Concord Parkway S in Concord. We planted our first crops around 15 years ago on family land and strive to keep agriculture alive in the Charlotte Metro Area.

We offer weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly subscriptions to our farm-fresh veggie boxes which can be purchased by businesses, non-profits, and congregations as benefits for their employees and members. We call the subscriptions CSA veggie boxes. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Our customers pay an upfront amount for their produce at the beginning of the season and we deliver a selection of what the farm has to the organization. Every delivery is different, and our offerings change according to availability and the season.

A typical week might be:

Spring: heirloom lettuce, strawberries, carrots, radishes, cilantro

Summer: tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, potatoes, basil

Fall: kale, sweet potatoes, jam, heirloom apples

We have a great variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, jams and jellies which may be included in our weekly share! In order to keep our CSA boxes as diverse as possible, we source produce from other local farms as well as our own farm! All farms have their strengths, and we want to bring the best produce to your table. When you purchase a box at our farm, you’re not only supporting our farm, but about 20 other local farms as well!

With employment levels at record lows, employers are looking for innovative ways to show employee appreciation and improve retention. Alternative benefits, like our CSA veggie  boxes, are gaining popularity as employers and nonprofits seek to distinguish themselves and establish a workplace culture that attracts and keeps the best talent. What better way to show your employees how much you care about their health and wellbeing than with a weekly veggie box delivery?

Our season runs from late April- mid November and we can customize the amount of produce brought to your organization to fit your needs (anywhere from $25-$50 per box). Our minimum number of veggie boxes per drop off is 15 boxes.

Because of the nature of farming (our yearly inputs are all accumulated and paid for in the first few months of the year), we require payment of the subscription to be complete before delivery begins.

If you are interested in a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly drop off  for your employees, please contact us at or 704-794-2033 to discuss the specifics of days and times for delivery,
delivery schedule, and box size.

Why participate in the CSA instead of just buying produce from the farmers market?

Our CSA customers make our farm possible! We use the upfront payments at the beginning of the year to guide our planting for the whole season. The CSA ensures a great variety of vegetables will be available and it takes a lot of the risk out of farming produce! It allows us to operate more efficiently and cut waste. We pass the savings on to you!

Also, in addition to having access to some of the area’s best produce, your employees and members also get discounted rates on parties and events held at the farm and vineyard! Yes, we have CSA perks and dividends that we give out during the season!

Our CSA customers become an integral part of our farm community. We love hosting y’all for strolls around the farm, visits with our animals, and wine tastings. Children and puppy visits are always enjoyable. We even have opportunities for you to come get your hands dirty on the farm throughout the year.

Space is limited. Please let us know as soon as possible if your organization is interested in joining us so we can plan and plant appropriately.

Elizabeth Anne Dover Bishop
Owner and Farm Manager